Whitepaper: An Assessment of Pipeline Orchestration Approaches

Learn why task-centric workflow automation becomes unmanageable over time and why data pipeline automation is the key to speed, efficiency, and operational scale.


Webinar: Intelligent Orchestration - The Key to Declarative Data Pipelines

In this webinar, we explore how applying the declarative approach  to data pipelines results in 95% less code, 10x faster build times, automated maintenance, and more efficient pipelines… oh, and much happier data engineers.


Podcast: Shining A Light on Shadow IT In Data And Analytics

In this episode, founder of, Sean Knapp, and Co-Founder of Zonehaven, Charlie Crocker, share their experiences of working in and with companies that have dealt with shadow IT projects and the importance of enabling and empowering the use and exploration of data and analytics.


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New Release: Python SDK

With teams using to automate an increasingly large number of their data pipelines, programatic creation of Ascend dataflows has become increasingly essential. For users eager familiar with Python and eager for programatic access to Ascend dataflows, we are excited to announce the release of our new Python SDK! This SDK sits on top of Ascend’s public API, and is dynamically generated based upon the Protocol Buffer and gRPC definitions of each and every component found within the Ascend platform.


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Data Engineering Podcast | Replatforming Your Dataflows

Reposted from: Building a reliable data platform is a neverending task. Even if you have a process that works for you and your business there can be unexpected events that require a change in your platform architecture. In this episode the head of data for Mayvenn...

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