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complex data stack​

Deliver your data with market-leading automation on Ascend’s unified data engineering platform.

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A Streamlined Data Engineering Platform

Ascend simplifies data operations by automating the toil of building and running ETL and ELT data pipelines.

Stop Data Plumbing.

Get back to Data Engineering with
our DataAware™ Automation Engine.

Data Plumbing v. Data Engineering - A graph that shows the productively of teams with Ascend's data automation or without out it. As pipelines scale data engineers spend more and more time on "data plumbing", tedious, repetitive work. Without Ascend's data automation platform, engineers spend 7x more time on this activity. By introducing automation with Ascend, data team build and deliver data 10x faster.


Build, ship, and scale your pipelines faster

Our data automation platform takes the grunt-work out of data engineering by allowing engineers to automate up 90% of their repetitive tasks.

Ascend's Data Automation Platform Architecture: At the top there are 4 distinct roles represented in data teams: platform engineers, data engineers, analytics, engineers, and data ops specialists. Ascend is a unified Data Engineering Platform for teams to ingest, transform, deliver, orchestrate, and optimize their data pipelines. As an end-to-end data platform, Ascend's unique Intelligence Core includes unified metadata collection which empowers the DataAware Automation Engine and context-aware AI Co-Pilot, Otto.
Connect to any data source. Define code-based transforms. Set orchestration logic and triggers. All from our pipeline designer in the web GUI or your own command line.
Test and deploy and execute in the pipeline engine from the web or CLI. Version control all assets in GIT. Easily promote between engines operating your dev, test, and prod environments.
Automate the management of your workflows at scale with Ascend's DataAware™ pipeline controller.
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