Data Engineering Just Got A Whole Lot Better. Faster. Smarter.

Supercharge building, running, and managing advanced data pipelines with 95% less code and 10X build velocity.

Our Customers Are Growing More DataAware

Unified Data Engineering Platform

Ingest Anything. Connect to any data lake, warehouse, database, stream, or API with little to no code.

Build Faster. Create autonomous data pipelines with 95% less code. Write in Python, SQL, and YAML interchangeably.

Run Autonomously. Optimize data pipelines and infrastructure with dynamic resourcing, intelligent persistence, and advanced deduplication.

Integrate Everywhere. Connect data pipelines with your favorite BI tools, notebooks, and big data systems.

Govern Automatically. Track code, data, and users with a suite of granular monitoring, reporting, and security capabilities.

Why Ascend?


Leverage declarative configurations to build data pipelines with 95% less code. Iterate, test, and productionize with no disruptions or downtime.


Add, remove, and edit data sets and logic in minutes. Ascend tracks full data lineage, backfilling and propagating changes automatically.


Ascend continuously monitors for changes to code and data, automatically keeping your pipelines up-to-date and keeping you from getting paged at 3am.

Accelerating Prototype to Production with

Advanced Data Engineering Capabilities

Declarative Pipeline Builder

Focus on what you want to do with your data, not how to do it. Describe your data inputs, transforms, and outputs in compact Python, SQL, PySpark, and YAML. Every stage you build is visualized so you can quickly explore, test and iterate without having to sift through mountains of code

Autonomous Pipeline Engine

Works behind the scenes to dynamically generate and optimize autonomous data pipelines that adapt to changes in data, code, and environment. Ascend’s DataAware™ intelligence ensures the same code is never run on the same data twice, eliminating unnecessary work, accelerating pipelines, and optimizing your compute costs.

Structured Data Lake

Dynamically synchronizes your data lake with the data pipelines running against it, guaranteeing data integrity, deduplicating redundant data and queries, and intelligently backfilling data on logic changes. Tap into intermediate data sets for any stage of any pipeline, and connect to your preferred processing engine or notebook.

Interactive Data Pipelines

Combine the scalability of data pipelines with the explorability of data warehouses. Explore, profile, and prototype data in Ascend, without disrupting the pipeline development process. Query any stage of your data pipelines like tables in a warehouse. Instantly productionize those queries into new pipeline stages with no additional code or configuration.

Talk to a Data Engineer

Grab time with one of our data engineers to get a live demo of Ascend. Learn how your team can build 10x faster on the Unified Data Engineering Platform.

The first Data Engineering platform that understands your data

Impossible to do with any other system, the built-in DataAware™ intelligence layer observes, understands and tracks every piece of data to dynamically generate data pipelines that run 20% more efficiently, with fully integrated lineage tracking, auditability, and governance.

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