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Time is precious. Ascend gives you more of it. Start building intelligent data pipelines that
detect and respond to change, ensure data quality, and efficiently use cloud resources.

Join the organizations building intelligent data pipelines today:

A Single Platform for All Your Data Pipelines

Build End-to-End Data Pipelines On a Comprehensive Platform

Ingest, Transform, Orchestrate and Share your data in all your clouds from a single console. Ascend’s Build Plane eliminates up to 90% of your repetitive data engineering work, reduces data stack costs, and dramatically improves development speed compared to a multi-tool stack. 

Dynamically Respond to Breaks with DataAwareTM Change Propagation

Ascend pipelines understand both your code and your data. This allows our DataAwareTM Control Plane to detect, manage and intelligently propagate change throughout all of your data pipelines. Built-in data quality checks let you monitor data integrity at each step during every propagation.


Optimize Your Data Costs with Intelligent Consumption

Get total visibility into your cloud usage down to the data platform, data domain, and even job level. Ascend’s pipeline Ops Plane helps you identify queries that need to be optimized and gives you global insight into your pipeline states at all times.


Partner for Success

We’re here every step of your data journey with product innovation and expert support that frees your team to focus on achieving business goals. Access the Ascend team 24×7 globally via Slack, email, and in-app messaging.

Build Intelligent Data Pipelines

One platform, thousands of applications.

The Ascend platform lets you create and manage intelligent data pipelines. Our control plane constantly detects changes in either data or code across vast networks of pipelines and responds to those changes in real time.

With Ascend, you can ingest, transform, orchestrate, and share data from any source in any cloud.

Can Your Data Pipelines Do This?

What Our Customers Say

HNI Leverages Ascend's Data Pipeline Automation to Drive Supply Chain Analytics

HNI is a global manufacturer with 8,500 employees. They initially chose Ascend to respond to the pandemic at a global scale. A small team launched intelligent pipelines on a single pane of glass within days to produce localized daily staffing guidance across many jurisdictions. The team then shifted to address challenges in their global supply chains, rapidly identifying and predicting bottlenecks, and preempting problems by finding new material and logistics flows.

Ready to Lower Your Cloud Bill?
Wednesday, June 21 | 9 AM PT | 12 PM ET | 6 PM CET

Jon Osborn will walk you through the rationalization he’s used as a former Chief Data Officer to maximize ROI from data programs — saving up to 60% of ETL compute spend and lowering overall cloud compute bill up to 48% as a result.
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Winner of Ventana's 2023 Digital Innovation Awards
Ascend’s Data Pipeline Automation Platform was chosen as the winner in the data category of Ventana Research's 2023 Digital Innovation Awards. Ascend was recognized as ‘a technology vendor that best exemplifies innovation in data and related technologies for supporting data and information management-related needs.’
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Leader and Outperformer in the 2023 GigaOm Radar Report for Data Pipelines
We're in the high innovation and platform play quadrant. What does this mean? We're helping data teams deliver the best results with innovative technological advances and a comprehensive feature set to increase efficiency.
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