Unified Data Engineering

Declarative Data Pipelines.
Smarter Data Engineering.

Spend more time bringing data innovations to life by simplifying and accelerating data orchestration.

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Learn how the Ascend Platform can help data (and software!) engineers optimize and accelerate data pipelines while eliminating unnecessary work.

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Learn how the Ascend Platform can help data analysts interact with any data, any where, while iterating ETLT at impossible speeds.

Why Ascend?

Focus on what to do with your data.
Not how to do it.

The cloud-native Ascend Unified Data Engineering Platform removes the traditional burdens of data pipelines, freeing data teams from the status quo of pipeline maintenance so they can spend more time bringing innovations to life.

Ascend.io’s flex-code approach democratizes data engineering with 10x faster build velocity, automated maintenance, and 95% less code.


Build Faster

Leverage declarative configurations to build data pipelines with 95% less code. Iterate, test, and productionize with no disruptions or downtime.


Change Whenever

Add, remove, and edit data sets and logic in minutes. Ascend tracks full data lineage, backfilling and propagating changes automatically.


Run Forever

Ascend continuously monitors for changes to code and data, automatically keeping your pipelines up-to-date and keeping you from getting paged at 3am.

How we help

A robust platform, built with intelligence

Impossible to do with any other system, the built-in DataAware™ intelligence layer observes, understands, and tracks every piece of data to dynamically generate data pipelines that run more efficiently, with fully integrated lineage tracking, auditability, and governance.

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Ingest Anything

Connect to any data lake, warehouse, database, stream, or API with little to no code.

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Transform Faster

Create autonomous data pipelines with 95% less code. Write in SQL, Python, Scala, and Java interchangeably.

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Orchestrate Autonomously

Optimize data pipelines and infrastructure with dynamic resourcing, intelligent persistence, and advanced deduplication.

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Deliver Everywhere

Connect data pipelines with your favorite BI tools, notebooks, and big data systems.

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Observe Automatically

Track code, data, and users with a suite of granular monitoring, reporting, and security capabilities.

Built for everyone

Flexible Coding Options

Low-code and no-code technologies have risen to prominence in recent years, where these lower-code technologies use visual interfaces that abstract away the majority of coding required to build business logic. However, they greatly limit the flexibility to meet more complex needs with custom code when needed.

The Ascend.io flex-code approach addresses both needs under one unified framework.

Analysts benefit from low-code features

Engineers can add raw code to handle special situations


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