Accelerate data productivity in minutes, not months

Ascend simplifies big data by allowing anyone to self serve data across silos, build automated pipelines, and accelerate innovation.

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Big Data Reimagined

No complex code, no complex tools, just data systems that work. Three powerful innovations:

Declarative DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph)

Define the end state of your data, not how you get there. Use SQL and lambda-style functions to describe how you want to build powerful data products.

Semantic Scheduler

Turn simple queries into fully automated and optimized production pipelines that run not once, but forever. No more time spent partitioning data pipelines and recovering from errors. And, no more scheduling, monitoring, and committing jobs.

Collaborative Workspace

Data engineers, data scientists, and analysts can now speak the same language in Ascend as they collaborate on different data sets. Publish any data set for anyone in the organization to subscribe to and derive insights from.

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