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2023 DataAware Pulse Survey

Explore the DataAware Pulse Survey to understand the current state of data engineering:

  • Learn how to build a business case for automation with executives in your organization.
  • Position projects according to the priorities of your team.
  • Skillfully chart out your roadmap for the upcoming year.
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Learn effective metadata management practices to streamline your data engineering workflows, enhance data quality, & optimize your pipelines.
What is DataOps? Discover benefits, best practices, and implementation strategies to enhance your data workflows and drive business outcomes.
Snowflake Summit 2024 has set the stage for exciting changes in the data landscape. As a data enthusiast and a leader in data engineering, I’m eager to share my reflections on these innovations and their implications for Ascend.
Explore the relationship between AI and data engineering: How do they impact each other, and what does the future of their collaboration look like?
Unlock AI's potential with the right data platform: Explore AI data platform requirements, cloud capabilities, and automation for innovation.
Explore the complexities of data replication strategies in a way that's easy to understand, including types and how to choose the right one.
Explore the framework to set up a robust AI ecosystem and the key considerations for an effective AI implementation strategy.
Explore how to build a data pipeline in 6 steps, from design to deployment, and learn a new framework to simplify the process.
Dive into ETL for Snowflake: Discover if you need it, when it's essential, and tips on picking the perfect ETL tool for your data strategy.
Are data pipelines a new security concern for LLM projects? Join Sean and Paul as they unpack the recent AI safety and security guidelines unveiled by the US and UK governments, endorsed by 16 other countries and dozens of top AI companies in Silicon Valley.
Uncover data orchestration's impact on workflow efficiency and reevaluate the necessity of an orchestration layer in your data strategy
Explore practical AI use cases for enterprises, including real-world examples and strategies for successful AI integration.
Although every company has unique data challenges, there are several near-universal data pipeline best practices that can guide every data leader in building a solid foundation with their team.
Explore data pipeline orchestration, its strategic role in data management, and how it differs from general data orchestration.
Brazen achieves remarkable efficiency with Ascend's automation, streamlining data operations and BI initiatives for cost-effective, agile results.
Explore the essentials of ELT: uncover its core principles, trace its evolution, and understand its role in today's dynamic data landscape.
Explore the crucial role of the Chief AI Officer (CAIO) in guiding businesses through AI's transformative impact and avoiding Conway's law pitfalls.
What is Data Pipeline Automation? Discover its fundamentals, how it works, and why we need it to produce business value from data programs.
Join Sean and Paul as they talk about how an intelligent data pipeline controller brings traditional developer techniques to the world of data engineering. Learn about Sean’s framework for deciding how frequently you should refresh your pipelines and see if streaming and batch data processing are converging. Plus, what is the definition of real-time? All this and more in this week’s episode!
Join Sean and Paul as they unpack the trends from Ascend’s annual DataAware Pulse Survey. Learn why executives and individual contributors disagree on strategy so often... and why many in the data team want to drive automation but struggle to achieve it. All that and a full recap of the 2023 Big Data London event in this episode!
Explore 2023 DataAware Pulse findings: Key insights to refine your data team's strategies and boost competitiveness.
Master Snowflake cost optimization: understand your spending and how to harness data pipelines for cost control to amplify value for every dollar.