Customers's Customers Are Growing More DataAware

"The Ascend Platform is a phenomenal application for data engineering in companies like Be Power, which benefits from an end-to-end platform like Ascend instead of investing in custom open source solutions that take massive amounts of time and effort to build and operate. I’ve searched for something like Ascend for a long time.”

Paolo Esposto, Chief Data Officer, Be Power

"Ascend's declarative engine is a game-changer for our team's productivity and its flex-code approach strikes the right balance, offering the flexibility we need—ranging from our simple SQL transforms to our most complex recursive PySpark transforms. Data Engineers and Data Analysts alike are unanimous: there is no going back to a traditional imperative approach to Data Engineering."

Remi Paulin, Data Architect, PrestaShop

"What I just did in an hour… would have taken me weeks. This is really cool. I don’t need to worry about data coming through the pipeline any more. New data will show up and get pushed where it needs to go."

Francis Chan, Director of Engineering, Divx

"Ascend substantially simplified our data engineering efforts, and in a way that cured any phobias the team had with integrating in a new technology. Ramping up was easy, and processes that previously either took days or sometimes weren't possible at all, now happen in minutes."

Ankur Potdar, Principal Data Engineer, Drivewealth

With Ascend, the tech just worked and the people just worked. The relationship with Ascend is fantastic, which makes our lives so much easier.”

Ariscielle Novicio, SVP & Head of Technology, New York Post

"Ascend is our beachhead to develop our services in the cloud, as Tonkin & Taylor continues to evolve to meet customer needs better and faster than ever.”

Graeme Twose, Manager of Data & Digital Solutions, Tonkin & Taylor

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