We were thrilled to be invited to take part in the AWS Startup Showcase, which focused on “New Breakthroughs in DevOps, Data Analytics, & Cloud Management Tools.” As part of the event, Sean Knapp, Ascend’s founder and CEO, had a chance to chat with Jason Robinson, VP, Data Science & Engineering at Steady, and John Furrier of SiliconANGLE about how organizations, like Steady, are moving into the future of scaling data teams and data workloads.

“A lot of what we’re building on the data engineering side is powering insights and analytics that the business stakeholders use every day to run the organization.”

Learn more about how Steady is working with Ascend to eliminate tech debt, bring DevOps principles to data systems, and automate data and analytics workloads in order to scale the productivity of their team and the benefits they get from their data and analytics pipelines.