HNI Corporation is a US$2.2B workplace furnishings and hearth provider, with 19 distinct brands and global manufacturing sites. HNI is driving digital transformation of their business with data. Read below on how their decision sciences team continually improves business operations with the use of data, analytics, and machine learning.

In early 2020, the HNI team decision sciences team adopted the Ascend Unified Data Engineering Platform to accelerate this transformation journey. The team is responsible for collecting and governing all data used to make decisions in multiple business units, and now uses Ascend to collect and process data from ERP, supply chain, factory floors, web properties, marketing tools, and more.  

The paper describes how the team generates signals from web properties that influence production planning and readiness, and analyzes trends in orders that directly drive supply chain demands. Fueled by Ascend-powered data pipelines, users across the business self-service their data needs, connect their favorite BI and ML tools via integrated APIs and data warehouses, and have always-on data feeds to make operational decisions any time of day.  

“Ascend just put everything together and allowed us to have a nice, visual way to represent our workflows with an engine behind it that scaled.”
Tom Kozlowski
VP Decision Science

To achieve new levels of productivity and velocity, the team now implements and launches new data services in mere days on Ascend. The high level of automation includes enterprise data governance capabilities that track data lineage, control access, and maintain full visibility of all data flows with no additional code. Ascend runs all Spark and Kubernetes infrastructure autonomously without any engineering effort, and provides robust resource and cost reporting to understand the costs of operating each data flow.