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“Ascend substantially simplified our data engineering efforts, and in a way that cured any phobias the team had with integrating in a new technology. Ramping up was easy, and processes that previously either took days or sometimes weren’t possible at all, now happen in minutes.”

Ankur Potdar, Principal Data Engineer @ Drivewealth

Build smarter data pipelines with Ascend’s Declarative Pipeline Builder by defining your inputs, transforms, and outputs in SQL, Python, Scala, or Java.

Ascend’s Autonomous Pipeline Engine will intelligently orchestrate all the jobs required and manage your underlying infrastructure to continuously deliver on your defined end state.

What does that mean for you? 95% less code and zero maintenance. 👋🏻 Goodbye, 3AM fire drills!

Chat with an expert for a 30 minute consultation to learn if declarative data orchestration is the right fit for your team.

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