Ascend for Data Mesh

Solve the most difficult challenge in implementing a Data Mesh -- publishing, subscribing and linking data products seamlessly within and across data clouds with the world's only Live Data Share.

Conquering Every Layer of the Mesh

Utility Plane

Enable your Domains to connect their Data Cloud of choice (Snowflake, Databricks, Big Query) to the mesh within a single, unified architecture.

Data Product Plane

Ingest, Transform, and Orchestrate Data Products from a single console. Use the Ascend UI for less technical Domains, and the SDK/CLI for the more technically savvy.

Mesh Experience Plane

Publish fully governed Data Products to your Live Data Share for rapid discoverability among authorized users and domains.

DataAware Automation Engine

Bring your Mesh to life! The Ascend DataAware Automation Engine extends its unique fingerprinting and change propagation technology automatically across Data Products linked through the Live Data Share.

Data Mesh. Greatly Simplified.

Implement and activate a Data Mesh at impossible speeds. Enabled by Ascend's Data Pipeline Automation and Live Data Share.

Create a new Domain in minutes within a single console.

Add a fully secure Domain in your Ascend Data Mesh in minutes. Leverage Snowflake, Databricks, or BQ for processing and storage and give your Domains the flexibility to use their Data Cloud of choice.  All Domains are easily accessed and managed from a single integrated console.

Publish data products to the "Experience Layer" in seconds for secure discoverability.

Enable your product owners to publish curated data sets (Data Products) to the Live Data Share via a Data Feed, with a governance layer to specify visibility and access on a Domain or individual basis. Metadata about the Data Product will automatically be shared via the Data Feed for rapid discoverability.

Subscribe and link to Data Products from the Live Data Share in a single click.

Authorized subscribers can easily explore the Live Data Share for published Data Products, and even interrogate schemas and actual records so they can build with confidence.  Subscribing is a simple 1-click exercise, creating a lineage link to the originating Data Product.

Watch Ascend's Data Pipeline Automation move data securely across Domains.

Once linked to the LIve Data Share,  Ascend Data Pipeline Automation uses its patented DataAware Control Plane to automatically orchestrate and propagate data between clouds and across the entire Mesh.   

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