The Data Pipeline Automation Platform

Data Engineering, Evolved

For years, we’ve focused on creating systems that store more data, and process more data, than ever before. As we built more and more systems, we found the missing piece of technology was the system that helped us build more than ever before.
As Data Engineers, we love building pipelines. What we don't love is:
  • How long it takes to implement the simple things
  • How brittle pipelines can be
  • Edge cases, parameter tuning, backfills, and more
Our goals in creating the Ascend Data Automation Cloud:
  • 10x faster build velocity
  • Automated maintenance
  • Smarts to do the rest (aka, “DataAware™ intelligence”)
Improving Business Operations with Data

How HNI Corp. Drives Digital Transformation

Learn how HNI Corp.'s decision sciences team continually improves business operations with the use of data, analytics, and machine learning—with

Our Investors

Our Advisors

Maynard Webb
Board Member at Visa & Salesforce,
Former COO at Ebay
Kevin Scott

CTO at Microsoft

Scott McNealy

Former CEO at Sun Microsystems

Luanna Dauber
Former CMO at Confluent,
VP Marketing at Pure Storage
Deep Nishar
Managing Partner at Softbank,
SVP Product at LinkedIn

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