The Data Pipeline
Automation Platform

Build intelligent data pipelines in minutes.

A single platform that detects and propagates change across your data ecosystem, ensures accuracy end-to-end, and quantifies the cost of your data products.

Diagram to visualize the three planes that comprise Ascend's data pipeline automation platform.

The Build Plane

Unlike other data stacks, intelligent data pipelines are built entirely within Ascend. You can use the rich UI of the build plane as a single pane of glass to program all pipeline ingestion and transformation logic. You can also program the pipelines via the SDK and CLI. The UI visualizes all data lineage and monitors operations in real time.
Visual representation of Ascend's build plane to ingest, transform, orchestrate, and share data by building end-to-end data pipelines.

Why the Build Plane Rocks

  • Reduce software costs by up to 75% by consolidating tools.
  • Remove integration and training taxes associated with multi-tool solutions.
  • Raise by 7X the number of pipelines built per engineer in a week.
  • Integrate seamlessly into your existing CI/CD process.
  • Program all system functions and pipeline logic via the SDK or the UI.
  • Use your languages of choice (SQL, Python, Scala, Java).

The Control Plane

At the heart of the Ascend platform is a sophisticated control plane, powered by unique fingerprinting technology. This fully autonomous engine constantly detects changes in data and code across vast networks of the most complex data pipelines, and constantly responds to those changes in real time. The data pipelines stay synchronized without any additional orchestration code.
Visual representation of Ascend's automated change management that detects and propagates change in data pipelines.

Why the Control Plane Rocks

The autonomous operation of the Ascend control plane creates unparalleled value for your data teams:

  • Save time and money with automatic propagation from point of change.
  • Build on data integrity guarantees from source to sink.
  • Pause / inspect / resume at any point in the pipeline.
  • Reduce downtime with smart continuity algorithms.
  • Seamlessly link data pipelines end-to-end to propagate change across teams and domains.

The Ops Plane

The ops plane helps integrate intelligent data pipelines into the business. It addresses three key data operations pillars: it raises business confidence, quantifies data processing costs, and creates transparency. The ops plane monitors the sequences of workloads in real time, as the data is ingested and processed through the entire network of linked pipelines.

Visual representation of Ascend's unified dataops plane for reliability, costing, and observability of your data pipelines.

Why the Ops Plane Rocks

  • Track every operation of the system in the live UI, then mine the logs for details.
  • Stop bad data from reaching users with actionable data quality checks in real time.
  • Track and analyze changes to all data profiles over time.
  • Access and analyze all operational costs down to the transform level, and apply them for data product costing.
  • Maintain detailed operational visibility with a single pane of glass in real-time, anytime.

The Data Clouds

Once your engineers code the transformation logic of each pipeline in the build plane, the control plane generates the workloads and runs them in one or more data clouds. You choose which of your Snowflake, Databricks, BigQuery, or Spark to run them in. The control plane optimizes the utilization of each data cloud, and follows the providers’ best practices.
Data clouds supported by Ascend's data pipeline automation platform: Databricks, BigQuery, Snowflake.

Your Choice of Data Clouds

  • Use the capabilities of many data clouds simultaneously to solve business problems.
  • Seamlessly automate and govern data flows across multiple data clouds.
  • Optimize engine utilization for the needs of each individual data pipeline.
  • Operate pipelines with one unified user experience and consolidated access controls.
  • Stay up to date with the many upgrades of the different data cloud providers.

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