Product Overview

Automation for Data

The Ascend Data Automation Cloud gives data teams the only solution to bring together data ingestion, transformation, orchestration, observability, and delivery—resulting in a 10x faster data and analytics workload build velocity.
Our approach

Supercharging Data Engineering Velocity

With the Ascend platform, Be Power was able to reduce time spent building data pipelines by 80%, while at the same time massively lessening the burden on the data engineering team for the production and monitoring phases.

Unified Data and Analytics Engineering

Now, you can autopilot data workloads and pipelines that dynamically adapt to any changes in data, code, or environment. Evolve beyond traditional ETL and data orchestration tools to build and run end-to-end data workloads with 95% less code.

Ascend’s DataAware™ intelligence observes and maintains detailed records of data movement and processing, code changes, and user activity, enabling data pipelines to run at optimal efficiency with integrated lineage tracking, auditability, and governance.

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