Seamlessly Ingest, Transform, and
Orchestrate Snowflake Workloads

Eliminate the complexity of multiple toolsets and increase productivity by 10x.


Data Automation is quickly moving to the top of the modern data stack. Recent research found that while only 3.5% of teams currently use data automation technologies, that number will spike to 88.5% over the next 12 months.

The Snowflake Data Cloud and the Ascend Data Pipeline Automation Platform together empower analytics and data engineers to build and execute critical data pipelines far faster than existing approaches, dramatically reducing both the complexity of multiple toolsets and the time spent monitoring and running workloads. 


Ingest, Transform, and Orchestrate

With integrated capabilities on a single pane of glass, build fully automated data pipelines from raw source to sink in minutes, not hours or days. It’s “Ludicrous Mode” for data!

Automated Change Management

Modify your code and watch Ascend’s DataAware technology automatically propagate the impact on your data from point of change through all connected pipelines, saving you valuable time chasing down the inevitable errors associated with manual change management. Look ma, no hands!

Data Sharing

Unlock the network effects of data by publishing your production ready datasets with Data Feeds. Ascend will ensure new data automatically flows to all subscribers and lineage is preserved across all connected pipelines! Do we dare say it’s like a mesh…..

“The scale and power of Snowflake combined with the acceleration and automation of Ascend enable us to not only take on new data challenges and workloads, but deliver results faster than ever before.”

Laurent Bride

Chief Technology Officer at Komodo Health

Break through constraints to build, manage and optimize the increasing number of data workloads

The Ascend Data Pipeline Automation platform increases data team productivity by 10X with the first fully integrated ETL platform for Snowflake


Ingest any data from anywhere with configuration-based connectors to the most common sources, and a native python-based framework to create custom connectors in minutes to your home grown systems or specialty APIs.


Develop your pipelines leveraging all the capabilities of Snowflake SQL and Snowpark for Python. In addition, build in a live, interactive UI or through the Ascend SDK.


Automatically orchestrate data across your entire set of data pipelines with Ascend's DataAware technology, guaranteeing your data integrity no matter what issues arise during run-time, checkpointing at every transform to enable point of failure restarts, and automatically updating your data from point of change forward when introducing changes in business logic.

“Data automation has proven to drive extreme velocity and productivity, and having Ascend.io as a partner bringing such a comprehensive solution to the Snowflake ecosystem presents a massively beneficial and unique capability for our customers.”

Tarik Dwiek

Head of Technology Alliances at Snowflake

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Massive Scale

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