PALO ALTO, Calif. – Nov. 23, 2020 ––, the data engineering company, today announced a significant international expansion of the Ascend Partner Program with the addition of several key enterprise architecture advisory and data consultancy partners. The Ascend Partner Program augments the Ascend Unified Data Engineering Platform with solutions and services curated to meet the needs of modern enterprise business data projects and to significantly accelerate enterprise digital transformation timelines.

As the demand to extract insights from torrents of data continues to surge, businesses are attempting to reach their digital transformation objectives by adopting data science, data analytics, and data engineering at scale. While data pipelines are the common denominator for all these initiatives, the current state of data engineering has become the intransigent bottleneck to meeting the expanding business need. As a result, many enterprises are turning to specialist advisors and consultancies to revamp their technical approaches and accelerate the learning process.

A growing number of these advisory and consultancy firms are now fielding a new cohort of data engineers and architects whose expertise has evolved beyond existing ETL and orchestration techniques, to include the Ascend Unified Data Engineering Platform. Rather than build data platforms from scratch, these teams start their first day on the project already creating autonomous data pipelines that dynamically adapt to changes in data, code, and environment with 95% less code.

“Our partnerships are a vital part of’s business and are instrumental to our growth strategy. Our global architecture and consultancy partners have had impressive early successes winning data projects and delighting their clients, proving that our innovative approach to solving today’s data engineering challenges transcends industries and geographies,” said Sean Knapp, CEO and founder of “In leveraging Ascend’s advanced data engineering capabilities, our partners amplify their greatest strengths – industry and data expertise – enabling faster delivery of transformative initiatives and driving even greater customer satisfaction.”

The Ascend Partner Program is open for enrollment now. For architecture advisory and data consultancy firms interested in joining the Ascend Partner Program – and enterprises seeking a data consultancy for their own data project – please visit Achieves Significant Partner Program Growth With New Data Consultancy Partners
The Ascend Partner Program has witnessed impressive growth and momentum with the recent addition of consultancies in key markets, including:

  • X is Y: X is Y is a management consultancy for the digital age, specializing in helping clients identify goals and align their business to move forward meaningfully and efficiently. All of this is backed by demonstrable data that monitors performance and identifies drivers to increase impact, improves data quality to support business needs, and optimizes business processes. X is Y uses contemporary ways of working (such as Design Thinking and Agile) and modern technologies (such as automation and cloud), to accelerate each client’s journey.
  • The Singularity Mesh: Based in Australia, The Singularity Mesh is a digital enablement company that helps with the design and implementation of technology, business models, and processes to drive new value for customers. The Singularity Mesh strongly advocates for best-of-breed technologies that facilitate scale and agility across the enterprise, where legacy tools and approaches have fallen short. Committed to the concept of the enterprise data mesh, Singularity combines the power of cloud, APIs, and data pipelines to achieve democratization of data across the enterprise and its customers.
  • Moviri: Moviri consultants and engineers use data, software, and insights to solve the most pressing technology challenges of Fortune 500 corporations, multinational banks, media conglomerates, and some of the most respected global brands. The Moviri Consulting Analytics team blends data engineering, data science, and MLOps to build high-value, bespoke enterprise analytics solutions. Based in Italy, Moviri is a multinational firm with more than 200 team members in MilanBostonLos Angeles, and Singapore.
  • Flare Build Systems: Based in San Francisco, Flare Build Systems is a Bazel-focused SaaS, training, and consulting company that enables maximum engineering productivity in enterprises and high-growth, high-value startups. partners help clients choose and seamlessly integrate the Unified Data Engineering Platform with other enterprise-grade business intelligence and machine learning platforms and cloud services. The partners derisk and accelerate data projects with Ascend-based autonomous data pipelines that run at optimal efficiency with integrated lineage tracking, auditability, and governance out of the box.

According to Vijay Menon, principal at The Singularity Mesh, “Ascend removes the bottlenecks caused by legacy data platforms, empowering our domain-focused customers to securely build and manage data meshes for their businesses. Underpinning Ascend is a powerful, cloud-agnostic, and intuitive low-code engine that lets data teams focus on what really matters, freeing them from getting bogged down in managing the underlying infrastructure. Together, and The Singularity Mesh are making data truly accessible for the enterprise.” and X is Y Accelerate Digital Transformation Projects for Tonkin & Taylor
In a recent project for Tonkin & Taylor – New Zealand’s leading environmental and engineering consultancy – X is Y is leveraging the Ascend Platform as its primary platform for data engineering projects, producing sophisticated production data pipelines with a small crew of data engineers in mere weeks. “The volume and variety of data that our global client base depends on to make decisions that affect their economies and ecologies is rapidly expanding,” said Graeme Twose, manager of data and digital solutions at Tonkin & Taylor. “X is Y introduced Ascend to address our growing need to accommodate those data flows flexibly with high visibility and scalability, and to be prepared for future needs like metadata, lineage, and data quality testing within the data pipelines. Ascend is our beachhead to develop our services in the cloud, as Tonkin & Taylor continues to evolve to be able to meet customer needs better and faster than ever.”

“We took one look at Ascend and their vision and knew it was going to radically change the data industry, particularly in an area of much pain for practitioners – data pipelining, transformation, and preparation,” said Jared Langguth, CTO at X is Y. “We love Ascend because it enables us to move very quickly with our clients at minimal cost. For Tonkin & Taylor, we knew it was a good fit because they were looking beyond just the data warehouse and internal analytics, but also IoT and better value-added data services to their clients. Ascend was going to be the best tool to get them started and enable them to meet all their data pipeline needs with a single tool with enormous efficiency in both time and cost.”