The Data Clouds

Distribute your data pipeline workloads to the data clouds that are the best fit. Automate data pipelines in multiple cloud providers simultaneously. Optimize costs with cloud-specific resource strategies.

Diagram to represent the data clouds supported by Ascend.

Choose Your Data Clouds

Harmonize and optimize your data pipeline processing capabilities.

The growing diversity of data pipelines and their workloads is increasing the need for unified automation to span and coordinate multiple data cloud services.

Ascend is unique in that it automatically generates and runs intelligent data pipelines in multiple data clouds from a single pane of glass. You connect Ascend to your Snowflake, Databricks, and BigQuery data cloud accounts. Ascend optimizes the utilization of each data cloud for the data pipeline workloads. The ops plane then meters this usage for pipeline cost reports.

Data clouds supported by Ascend's data pipeline automation platform: Databricks, BigQuery, Snowflake.

We Support These Data Clouds

snowfoake badge


Ascend is a leading partner of Snowflake. Ascend data pipeline automation directly drives powerful native Snowflake features like Snowpark Python and Snowflake Merge. Build and run intelligent pipelines on Snowflake in minutes, and avoid complex scripts and stored procedures. Visit the Ascend booth at Snowflake Summit to see first hand how Ascend automates data pipelines in Snowflake.
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Ascend is a leading partner of Databricks to automate data pipelines on Databricks and Delta Lake. We help data teams build intelligent data pipelines within minutes on their data lakehouse architecture, including Unity catalog and harnessing the most recent versions of SQL endpoints. Visit the Ascend booth at the Data & AI Summit to see first hand how Ascend customers are automating their intelligent data pipelines in Databricks and Delta Lake.
google cloud partner


Ascend is a leading partner of Google Cloud Platform, and supports data pipeline automation directly in BigQuery. Build and deploy intelligent data pipelines on BigQuery within minutes, to dramatically accelerate your prototyping, testing, and production life cycle for your data products. Contact us to see first hand how Ascend customers are automating their intelligent data pipelines in BigQuery and Google Cloud.

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