Reduce Unplanned Work
Through Automation

Tame the complexity of your data stack
and streamline your path to outcomes.

Free Up Analytics and Data Engineering Time​

Ascend automates the toil that bogs down analytics and data engineering teams. Ensure your brightest minds are working on strategic programs, not busy-work.

Reduce Costs

Ascend reduces software costs associated with multiple point solutions in the modern data stack.​

Faster Time to Insights

By enhancing processing speed, automating toil, and reducing bottlenecks, Ascend puts your team in the driver's seat to innovate with data — fast.​

See how Ascend's automation compares

Go beyond simply building data pipelines and take control of your operations at scale.

Leader and Outperformer

We're recognized in the Data Pipeline 2023 GigaOm Radar Report.

Proven Productivity Gains

ESG crunched the numbers, and data teams using our platform are seeing a 700% boost in productivity.

Comparing Tools

Already got a tool you're using? Let's stack it up against what we offer.

Don't Take Our Word For It

See why enterprise leaders trust Ascend to simplify the complexity of their modern data stacks.

Instant access to live data, enhancing business agility.

Reduced custom report delivery time from 2 weeks to just a single day.

Automation enhanced efficiency to offset hiring for competitive roles.

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