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Ascend eliminates the value-less administration of infrastructure, allowing X is Y to focus on what they do best - helping clients achieve their goals at pace.

X is Y is laser-focused on the business value of measuring what matters, helping organizations understand why things are happening, working in a more unified way, and collecting and storing quality data – all in alignment with company goals. Ascend’s declarative approach to creating data pipelines with 95% less code, enables X is Y and their clients to spend more time working alongside the business to better understand and deliver what’s valuable, and less time spinning plates. 

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Why Use with X is Y?


X is Y + Ascend = more backlog execution from your Data Engineering team; meaning less cost, more value and less risk in finding and keeping talent to support your goals.


X is Y + Ascend = the right code for the right use case with unmatched observability into the status of your pipelines; meaning more time receiving value and less time using the wrong code to do the wrong thing and/or bug fixing.


X is Y + Ascend = a deep partnership with strong relationships and exchange of value between them; meaning solutions that meet the needs of real world use cases.

The Ascend Data Automation Cloud with X is Y Expertise

Get Timely, Reliable Information Into the Hands of users Efficiently

Working together, X is Y and Ascend were able to get our shared client up and running in weeks, delivering value quickly to the business - with 95% less code. The evaluation of Ascend was complete before the alternative was even up and running!

Explore What Benefits Could Be Realized By Investing in Data & Analytics

Working together, X is Y and Ascend were able to get our shared client up from nothing to a functioning platform in less than a week. X is Y were able to move quickly into delivering metrics that matter to our shared client’s Board and executive long before most organizations would have completed their “High Level Design Architecture” document.