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Automating Your Azure Data Pipelines

Learn how to create your Azure data pipelines 10x faster using automation. Ideal for SQL and PySpark experts seeking to optimize their data engineering processes.

About the Lab

Tired of slow development and constantly breaking pipelines? Say goodbye to that tedious orchestration work and hello to automation with Ascend.io!


In this instructor-led, virtual lab we demonstrate how you can leverage Python and SQL to build an end-to-end data pipelines in Azure that rival the speed of data factory without any of the overhead. This lab is ideal for data engineers, current Azure Data Factory builders, and anyone looking to accelerate their data work on Azure.


In 60 minutes, you’ll learn:

  • How to create a free Ascend.io account for developer testing
  • How to automate an existing pipeline using the Ascend.io platform
  • How to setup a new data pipeline in 2 steps
  • Tips for reducing the maintenance of your transformation scripts at scale
  • How to automate change propagation in your new pipeline

This lab is perfect for data professionals familiar with using SQL and PySpark for data engineering who want to spend more time building advanced data products.

About the Host

Elesh Mistry

Sales Engineer @ Ascend.io

With a diverse career across various industries (Defense, Telecoms, Education, and Business Intelligence), Elesh is an expert in designing and implementing cost-effective, efficient technical solutions. His international experience encompasses work in the US, India, Taiwan, Israel, Dubai, and various European countries.

In his role as a Sales Engineer, Elesh excels at demystifying complex technical jargon into digestible business plans. This unique skill makes him an indispensable resource for organizations aiming to modernize their data stacks.

Fun Fact: Elesh is a dedicated Liverpool fan. Whether discussing data pipelines or football, he’s your go-to guy for strategic success.

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