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Ready to shape the future of data pipeline automation?

VIRTUAL / JANUARY 17, 2024 / 11 AM EST

We're excited to invite you to Ascend.io’s upcoming Technical Advisory Board Meeting, bringing together the leaders in data and analytics engineering.

About Ascend's Technical Advisory Board

You’re part of an elite group of industry leaders, and we want your expertise. Help us build our 2024 roadmap so you can deliver more effective AI programs, faster data pipeline builds, and lower maintenance loads on your team. Please join our 2-hour virtual Technical Advisory Board session

Why Attend?

  • Get a first look at Ascend.io’s upcoming features
  • Share your insights and directly influence our product roadmap
  • Network with industry leaders and peers
  • Enjoy interactive discussions on data pipeline trends

Space is limited, and this is an invite-only event. Don’t miss your chance to contribute to the evolution of the Ascend.io platform. All participants will receive a complimentary branded jacket in the mail 1-2 weeks post-event.

Register for our upcoming board meeting today.