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Orchestrating Your dbt
Jobs in Production

Are you proficient with dbt in development but finding the production deployment challenging? Discover the path from ad-hoc commands to a robust, automated dbt workflow.

About the Lab

Dbt’s developer build and data pipeline design experience is exceptional. However, the complexities of running dbt as a command-line tool in a production setting, including monitoring, retries, logs, caching, and notifications, cause a myriad of challenges. This hands-on lab is designed to guide you on how to move beyond ad-hoc dbt commands and establish a robust, automated system for your dbt jobs, ensuring they efficiently power your business intelligence tools and meet end-user demands.


What will you learn?

  • From Ad-Hoc to Automated: Understand the transition from using dbt ad-hoc in development to setting up automated dbt jobs in production.
  • Efficient Scheduling and Orchestration: Explore how we can simplify the process of scheduling, monitoring, and managing dbt jobs, transforming your data pipeline management experience.
  • Cost Reduction and Operational Efficiency: Gain insights into how Ascend not only optimizes the execution of dbt jobs but also significantly reduces operational costs and improves efficiency.


Who will benefit?

Data engineers, analyst engineers, or data analysts that…

  • Look to streamline their dbt workflows in production.
  • Seek more efficient ways to manage and automate dbt jobs.
  • Aim to reduce complexity and costs in data operations.
  • Want to learn advanced data engineering practices and tools.

About the Host

Michael Hyatt

Engineer @ Ascend.io

Michael Hyatt is a seasoned Solutions Architect with a comprehensive skill set in technology areas like cloud computing, APIs, integration, and big data. He has demonstrated expertise in customer engagement, project delivery, and technological innovation across various industries. 

Michael stands out for his detail-oriented, professional approach and excellent interpersonal skills. His career is marked by significant roles in supporting business growth, technical leadership, and active participation in community outreach, with key skills in Big Data, cloud, Analytics, and Solution Architecture.

Michael Hyatt

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