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Automating Your Snowflake Data Pipelines

Discover how to build automated data pipelines 10x faster on Snowflake.

About the Lab

Snowflake is the go-to platform for data engineering teams looking for scalability, performance, and flexibility. While Snowflake offers advanced capabilities for data storage and processing, the real challenge often lies in building and managing the data pipelines that fuel these systems.

Watch this instructor-led, virtual, hands-on lab and learn how to build an automated Snowflake data pipeline in just 15 minutes to cut down the time you spend building and maintaining your 


This lab is open for everyone to watch. However, to actively participate, you will need an Ascend.io account and admin role access for a Snowflake account

Familiarity with Python is optional. Code snippets for the lab activities will be provided.

About the Host

Ayush Maganahalli

Data Engineer @ Ascend.io

Ayush Maganahalli is an accomplished data engineer with extensive experience in several analytics and software development roles. 

Harnessing his expertise in Python, SQL and Java, Ayush advises Ascend customers to get the most value from their data and significantly accelerate their data pipeline development. He is committed to inclusive tech education through leadership roles in organizations like ANova and Codeology at UC Berkeley.

Ayush Maganahalli

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