As a part of the overall feature and functionality updates to the Ascend Platform, we’ve released a number of improvements and features.

:sparkles: ENHANCEMENTS :sparkles:

  • Add new Vertica connector
  • Google Sheets: Support snapshot of spreadsheet
  • Redshift: If table name contains a schema, avoid search the ‘public’ schema looking for the table name
  • Infra (Azure): Ephemeral disk support in AKS: improves vm launch speed and image download speed, resulting in a faster and more responsive system and eliminates the costs of node disks
  • Infra (Azure, AWS): Reduced latency for cluster scale-down
  • Ascend Single Cluster (details coming soon).
  • Allow service accounts to list data services, making them more useful as part of the deploy process.
  • Faster and more efficient listing of S3, ABS, and GCS sources with sparse file trees (new read connectors).
  • SDK release 0.2.15 – fixes related to downloading definitions of data feed connectors.
  • Optimizations in Salesforce listing performance by keeping track of incremental progress, and ensuring more even partition sizes.
  • Add MariaDB read connector.
  • Add Ingres database read connector.

:wrench: BUGFIXES :wrench:

  • S3: Fix S3 permission / credential not propagating when running spark cluster mode
  • Sales Force: Fix user-facing error message typo
  • Fix Salesforce partition list failures caused by an aggregate query over a large time window.
  • Fix a UI issue that caused connection credentials to not be rendered properly when the Site Admin credential management page was accessed directly.

If you need support, have questions, or would like to get started on the platform, schedule time here!