Release Notes: 4/14/2021

As a part of the overall feature and functionality updates to the Ascend Platform, we’ve released a number of improvements and features.

:rocket: New FEATURE :rocket:

  • Add support for custom docker image in Pyspark and Scala Transforms

:sparkles: ENHANCEMENTS :sparkles:

  • Bump SDK version to 0.2.13 for custom docker image support
  • Improve Salesforce Connector ability to load larger tables
  • Allow specifying a start date for backfills for the Salesforce Connector
  • Allow specifying historical backfills through smaller partitions
  • Add new record as json and disable schema verification for Salesforce raw data
  • Allow user to set a different Salesforce api version
  • Pin sqlalchemy version in pyspark image to < 1.4.0 to avoid issues with the “Great Expectations” python library
  • Don’t automatically detect and flatten nested JSON in Legacy Read Connectors
  • “Snapshot” pulling method for JDBC sources
  • Skip deletion for multi-dataservice credentials on SDK data service apply
  • Better error message for nested subquery without alias
  • Google Sheets: Add support for header row as column name
  • Google Sheets: Add support for range parameter
  • Google Sheets: Handle trailing empty cell
  • Add download/apply functionality for individual components in SDK
  • Add support for spaces in column names for Database Connections
  • Salesforce: Improve Salesforce read performance
  • Salesforce: Add support to parallelize Salesforce reads
  • Add AD password auth support for MS SQL server
  • Create playbook for image registry outage and simplify steps for fast failover

:wrench: BUGFIXES :wrench:

  • Fix a visual bug where some checkboxes would appear in ‘view only’ mode instead of ‘edit’ mode
  • Fix a bug where partition tab display incorrectly for running and error partitions
  • Fix flashing in/out reloads of Data Feed records tab

If you need support, have questions, or would like to get started on the platform, schedule time here!

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