As a part of the overall feature and functionality updates to the Ascend Platform, we’ve released a number of improvements and features.

:rocket: New FEATURE :rocket:

  • Added Delta Lake connection type
  • Added Partition log viewer on UI
  • Add Delta Lake connection for Azure
  • Add read connector support for BigQuery range partitioned table

:sparkles: ENHANCEMENTS :sparkles:

  • Improve performance by fetching queries in batches from the database when listing queries
  • Improve performance by optimizing state and statistics requests for components
  • Added support for MySQL connections with SSL using server client certifications
  • Make connection testing and schema preview more reliable
  • Kafka Connector: Added capability to consume offsets from earliest and latest
  • Kafka Connector: Handle special characters in topic name without them confusing the RegExp matcher
  • Ensure blob based connections are running the schema coercion properly
  • Add Metadata Columns for incoming source file updatedAt (S3/GCS/ABFSS) and createdAt (GCS/ABFSS)
  • Address Spark issue ( from client side by adding HiveDialect support
  • SDK: Generate OS-independent paths in downloaded Dataflow or Data Service
  • SDK: Add API endpoint to access logs for a partition or error
  • Improve performance by auto scaling JDBC server
  • Improve performance on reading from streaming/CDC source
  • Under the Build’ tab, keep the most recently selected (“Create”/”Browse”) as active while navigating to other parts of the UI
  • Improve on clickable area in UI

:wrench: BUGFIXES :wrench:

  • Fix display of record count and partition information for MySQL Write Connectors
  • SDK: explicit use of UTF-8 when downloading Dataflow or Data Service
  • Fix a display issue where schema form sits on top of quick view component
  • Fix display issues with Connection Browser fields
  • Fix an issue with schema/records sometimes not auto updating when component comes up to date
  • Fix code editor behavior where interactive query was not expanding/shrinking as expected
  • Set FORCE = TRUE for Snowflake loads to ensure tables are completely loaded when running on the same files
  • Stop occasional extra reprocessing of recursive transforms
  • Fix CSV default line ending from CR (Macintosh) to LF (Unix)
  • Fix GCS and ABS write connectors using “As part of file” organization credential not set properly issue
  • Fix some partition record links not showing at Partitions tab bug
  • Fix statistics for Data feed
  • Fix HiveDialect for spark when loading from Hive Server
  • Fix dark mode display issue in the data service setting page
  • UI: Fix schema occasionally not loading correctly
  • UI: Fix boolean values not displaying in the partition profile
  • Ensure that site admins default to having full access to all Data Services across the Ascend account

If you need support, have questions, or would like to get started on the platform, schedule time here!