As a part of the overall feature and functionality updates to the Ascend Platform, we’ve released a number of improvements and features.

:rocket: New FEATURE :rocket:

  • Add ability to pause component processing
  • Add schema viewer to Query page
  • New read connection for Azure Event Hub

:sparkles: ENHANCEMENTS :sparkles:

  • Add connection type name to components in graph view
  • Records export now conforms to standard CSV
  • Add more options to parse CSV files, most notably enabling the ability to choose the PERMISSIVE mode
  • Use double quote as default escape character in CSV parser
  • Allow viewing partition logs while the partition is running
  • Add support for Salesforce Bulk API
  • Incremental load from Salesforce
  • Support Salesforce Auth Code and Password auth flow
  • Add gallery view layout on Connect to Data Feed screen
  • Add an option for parallel reading of JDBC Read Connectors
  • Fall back to use staging S3 credentials on Redshift Write Connector load if IAM role is not supplied
  • Use current timestamp as a partition fingerprint of JDBC Read Connectors if table’s last modified time is not available
  • Show details of failures in Connection testing
  • Display Flex-Code Connector parameters in a meaningful order as defined by Connection implementation
  • Increase Read Connector preview timeout from 1 to 5 minutes
  • Pin python sqlalchemy library to 1.3.23

:wrench: BUGFIXES :wrench:

  • Fix read connector preview for certain cases of column names with special characters
  • Remove unsupported dynamic source aggregation checkbox from read connector with connection form
  • Fix partition logs for enterprise security environments
  • Fix bug causing partitions in the error state sometimes not being shown on the UI
  • SDK: fix connection apply logic when connection already exists
  • Fix jdbc connection issue with the Oracle Database 11g server version
  • Fix issue causing intermittent disconnections of the query service with the spark driver
  • Fix Read Connector Type label not showing on component graph between Data Service switches
  • Fix scrolling of Connection Type list
  • Fix case where some component error details not displaying
  • Fix partition list rendering which did not show partition details in certain cases

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