As companies shed capital expenses by adopting data clouds and cloud services more deeply, the running costs of their data pipelines are shifting to the foreground. Ascend is focused on extracting more value for their operating dollar by constantly improving the efficiency of the platform across the board.

New Data, New Connectors

Our engineers have implemented a major upgrade to our connector framework that allows us to add new connectors in just a few days at no cost to you. In this week’s release we’re adding:  Airtable, Jira, Zendesk, and Servicenow. Let our customer support team know which connectors you need for your next data pipeline project!

Collection of data sources Ascend has connectors for to ingest data and build end-to-end data pipelines on the platform.

Continuous Productivity Improvements

Our team is dedicated to helping you get the most value possible from your intelligent data pipelines. Along those lines, this is a week of many small improvements. Our engineers continue to tune performance and reduce costs under the hood. If you look closely, you will see evidence of these in your infrastructure bill and overall productivity on the Ascend platform.

  • Optimizing BigQuery storage usage to reduce costs
  • Add incremental processing of the new “My Tables” features (see the March 20 Product Update
  • Add data quality validations for the new “My Tables” features 
  • Extend “My Tables” to include BigQuery views and external tables 
  • Deepen integration with AWS enterprise security for Databricks connectors 
  • Improve alerts for pipelines experiencing errors in multiple components 
  • Improve navigation for Snowflake and Databricks data cloud connections 
  • Improve navigation for Snowflake warehouse selection and sizing 
  • Improve performance of Spark clusters that process ingestion workflows 
  • Improved performance for MariaDB CDC ingestion

Additional Reading and Resources