In this installment of the new Ascend partner webinar series we talk with Cyrus Facciano and Jared Langguth, the principals of X is Y, a boutique data consultancy in New Zealand. 

Cyrus and Jared share their secret sauce to helping major enterprises create business value with technology and automation.  They cover some dysfunctions and cultural issues that established enterprises struggle with, and how to look for troublesome patterns that might be bogging down the data teams. 

We also discuss several of the common cures that XisY have found to work, such as refocusing the data team on the business problem instead of just data infrastructure.  After talking about some critical qualities of successful data operations, we touch on the importance of automation to augment the smart skills of a team. 

Finally, Cyrus and Jared share details about a major project with a customer that operates at massive scale. 

We hope you enjoy the conversation as much as we did!