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See what made the data analytics team at Harry’s say:

“The iteration and speed at which the analysts can take on projects were impossible to do before.”

Achieve sophisticated ETLT with fully automated data lineage—in minutes.​

Interactive & Visual

Easily answer questions about your data thru live, interactive lineage as well as all visualization of calculations and operations done to the data.​


Keep data flowing by intelligently cascading schema changes to the data warehouse. Alert the data team with configurable levels of notifications when breaking changes are detected.


Whether you need one pipeline or 50 or have a couple of data feeds or a couple thousand, the Ascend Platform scales up or down to meet your business requirements.​


Ascend eliminates the friction of accessing and querying data that isn't in a relational database all while enabling you to combine ingest and transformation without complex SQL that is difficult to maintain and debug.​

"Ascend is super intuitive and easy to use. In just a matter of weeks, we overcame a challenge that we’d been struggling with for over 9 months with a lot of folks involved."

William Knighting
Data Analyst, Harry's

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