Removing the Human Error From Production Deployments with GitHub Actions

Discover how the data engineering team at Cooperative Benefits Group uses data automation—via in conjunction with the SDK—in their CI/CD processes to eliminate human error and save valuable resources.

Shaun Nieves
Data & Integration Engineer at Cooperative Benefits Group

Jon Saltzman
Solution Architect at

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What will you learn?

The unfortunate reality of any data workload—or any system that humans are responsible for managing or updating—is that we inevitably introduce errors. We mistype, forget a bracket, and only double-check and don’t triple-check. The list goes on and on and on, and there’s no stopping it. Or is there? 

The engineering team at Cooperative Benefits Group leverages automated CICD with Github Actions to do just this. In this webinar, you’ll learn how this engineering team is using advanced data automation via in conjunction with the SDK in their CICD processes to deploy data flows between environments and intelligently pause non-production data workloads to eliminate the human error that plagues non-production to production deployments. This automation also has the added benefit of saving the team, and the company, valuable resources.

  • What Cooperative Benefits Group’s data stack looks like to enable this type of automation 
  • What the dev to prod process was previously and how the team handled any manual pausing or human error situation
  • How Cooperative Benefits Group has solved the problem along with a demo of how the new automation-based solution works
  • How Ascend’s intelligent automation enables this and use cases with regards to CICD best practices