Big Data, Smaller Bills

  • No upfront commits. Our monthly pay-as-you-go plan gives you full access to the Ascend Unified Data Engineering Platform without being locked into a lengthy contract.
  • Flexible Pricing. Choose between serverless and cluster-based pricing. With Ascend’s advanced auto-scaling features, you’ll never have to worry about paying for unused capacity again.
  • 30-day free trial. Compare side-by-side how much cheaper it is to run your data pipelines on Ascend.
  • Free Data Eng Consulting. Work with our data experts and architects to quickly prototype and build with Ascend.

Let’s Talk Cost Reduction

Schedule a 30-minute demo with a data engineer to learn how Ascend can help reduce your infrastructure cost.

How Ascend Delivers Big Data Cost Optimization

Pipeline Efficiency

Ascend’s DataAware™ intelligence and pipeline optimizer ensures your pipelines run at optimal efficiency, actively reducing your infrastructure needs. Ascend intelligently dedupes workloads, garbage collects unused data, and optimizes Spark job parameters automatically — more efficient pipelines means smaller Spark clusters, and lower infrastructure bills.

Spark Efficiency

Ascend dynamically launches new Spark clusters in seconds, auto-scaling both nodes and executors, sharing resource pools where safe to do so, and reuse resources whenever possible.

Infrastructure Efficiency

Ascend runs on nearly 100% Spot instances to keep your infrastructure costs down.

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