Ascend Data Transformation Platform

Data Transformation

Quickly and easily transform data using 95% less code with declarative definitions written in SQL, Python, Scala, and Java.​

Eliminate the Traditional Burdens of Data Pipelines and
Build 10X Faster

Interactive and Visual Pipeline Builder​

  • Visually navigate your live data pipelines, from source to sink, and everything in between

  • Trace lineage, preview data, and prototype changes in minutes instead of days

Declarative Pipelines with Multi-Language Transforms

  • Design your pipelines with declarative definitions that require 95% less code and result in far less maintenance

  • Specify inputs, outputs, and data logic in SQL, Python, Scala, and Java specs

Full Featured SDK

  • Programmatically create and interact with Ascend components via SDK 

  • Integrate with code repositories such as Github

  • Build reusable components 

Queryable Pipelines

  • Treat any stage of any data pipeline as a queryable table

  • Quickly prototype new pipeline stages, or run ad-hoc queries against existing pipeline stages, all in a matter of seconds

  • Get notifications when the underlying data has changed

Want to learn more about the data transformation platform and how it can help you quickly and easily bring advanced automation to your data and analytics engineering efforts?

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