Data Transformation Platform

Build Data Pipelines 10x Faster

Transform data using 80% less code with Ascend's data pipeline automation.

Get to the Stuff That Matters – Faster

Still choosing between drag-and-drop and code-based?

Why not both?

Develop via the command line, see results in the visual DAG

Develop in the visual builder, export the Python and SQL files via the command line

Write only the code that matters,

Code just your transformation logic, leave the rest to automation 

Mix and match SQL and Python in the same pipeline

Use native Snowflake, Databricks, and BigQuery functions

Enjoy native support for Snowpark, PySpark, and Delta Live Tables

Go from ingestion to reverse ETL on a single screen.

See your entire pipeline in one view

Make updates without hopping between tools

Unleash powerful automation across your entire workflow

Edit your pipelines with confidence

Leverage mind-blowing levels of automation

No more:

Impact analysis

Lineage management


Partition management

Task generation

Job management

Build and debug with instant feedback.

Query and inspect live data at any step

Run code on-demand during development

Pause pipelines at any point for break-point inspections

Restart with zero reprocessing

DataOps ready. Pro-level unlocked!

Direct GIT integration

Plug into your CI/CD workflows

Leverage pipeline-as-code templates

Interact via UI or CLI

Change partitioning strategies mid-pipelines

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