Ascend Data Observability

Data Observability

Quickly view data lineage, data profiles, job and user logs, system health, and other critical workload metrics at a glance

Automate Data Governance Across All Your Data Workflows​

Multi-DAG Orchestration

Real-time Pipeline Visibility

  • Unified, real-time view into what transformations and connectors are up-to-date

  • See at-a-glance when transformations are running, paused, in error state, and more.

Lineage Tracking & Change Detection​

  • DataAware intelligence tracks where data came from and how it was used

  • Automatically monitor any changes to data, schema and code

  • Dynamically generates tasks and parameters to ensure the right data arrives, always

Secure Data Feeds

  • Standardize all key data sets across teams with secure data feeds

  • Easily give users access to the specific data sets they need, and only those data sets,

  • Eliminate the need for individuals to handle raw data that can be difficult to decipher and transform.

Automated Lineage Tracing​

  • Track—across single or multiple pipelines—where each piece of data came from, how it was acquired, and what code was run on it

  • Simplify enterprise governance enterprise data governance with an in-depth understanding of the linkages between code, data and users, with a level of visibility and auditability never before possible

Pipeline Alerting​

  • Track the status of each pipeline at the component level with the ability to alert on all errors

  • Customize notifications to fit your teams needs with integrations to most common alerting systems, like PagerDuty and OpsGenie, as well as custom webhook processors

Want to learn more about the data observability platform and how it can help you quickly and easily bring advanced automation to your data and analytics engineering efforts with the Ascend Data Automation Cloud?

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