Data Ingestion Platform

Fast, Flexible Cloud Connectors

Get your data into the cloud in a few clicks

Over 250 native connectors and growing

Ditch the stand-alone data loaders and move faster.

Hundreds of connectors ready to use.

Over 250 native connectors:

Saas Sources

On-prem Data

Custom APIs

Any Format: Zip, JSON, Parquet, CSV, Iceberg…

Native batch and CDC loading.

Take control of your data ingestion

Setup standard batch loading intervals or code your own

Subscribe to change logs in operational databases

Never reprocess data again.

Ingest data incrementally by default

Eliminate the need for full reloads from the source

Custom source system? Write your own connector!

Leverage a full-featured Python framework to write and deploy your own API connectors on the fly.

Filter dirty data while loading it.

Apply data quality rules during loading.

Eliminate extra filtering processes

Differentiate between data quality errors and everything else to raise smart alerts

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