Ascend Data Ingest

Data Ingest

Seamlessly connect your data pipelines to any data, in any system, without worrying about yet another system or tool.

Fast, Repeatable Data Ingestion and Replication

Ingest Data from Any Source in Any Format​

  • Connect to any warehouse, lake, queue, database, or API 

  • Choose from an expanding library of flex-code data connectors 
  • Create your own connectors with little to no code needed

Flex-Code Connector/
Connections Reuse​

  • Build a connector once, and use it forever

  • Flex-Code Data Connectors can be use by you or anyone on your team

Incremental Data Propagation

  • Save significant infrastructure costs by processing end-to-end data faster

  • Automatically handle later arriving data

  • Only process changed data—and data related to it—without re-processing unchanged data

Automatic Data Profiling​

  • Automatically profile every piece of data

  • See how values change over time

  • Easily keep an eye on data anomalies and more.

Automatic Data Detection​

  • Detect and ingest new, updated, and deleted data automatically, and efficiently

  • Keeps tabs on data connectors to know not only where your data is located but also how often it changes

  • Know what data has already been ingested

Automatic Data Reformatting​

  • Quickly get all your data—big and small—ready for processing

  • Aggregate small files and partition large files with ease

  • Quickly convert GZIP’ed CSVs to Snappy compressed Parquet files

  • Quickly parse and reformat text JSON, CSV, Avro, Parquet and more.

  • Full support for all standard industry compression such as GZIP, BZIP, etc.

  • Extend Ascend by implementing your own customer Python parser

Cross-Cloud Data Replication​

  • Quickly replicate from cloud-to-cloud with a simple data pipeline 

  • Optimize cross-cloud data transfers

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