Big Data is a Cluster

Every company is striving to be data-driven these days. It’s clear that leveraging big data is important for businesses to remain competitive in their industry and relevant to their customers. What’s not clear is how to overcome major roadblocks in the pursuit of being data-driven...

Delayed Projects

It’s become a given that anything involving big data always takes 10X longer, draining resources and morale along the way.

Skill Shortage

Data experts are in high demand and short supply (McKinsey predicts a 250,000 person shortage within the next decade).

Resource Misuse

Big data requires narrow skillsets and forces highly-paid experts to waste time on low-level maintenance rather than focus on high value data products for the business.

Resource Bottlenecks

While big data brings endless possibilities, resources are limited (and you’ll likely need a lot more than you have).

The Ascend Platform

Ascend Workspace

A platform for the entire organization to collaborate on a single source of truth. We cut duplicative efforts and break down organizational barriers by allowing teams to self-serve, transform, and share data across the organization using familiar SQL constructs.

Automation Engine

Everything built on the Ascend Workspace is designed once and run forever without ongoing maintenance. We automatically optimize your pipeline to run efficiently, propagate and backfill new or changed data, and detect and heal errors.


Architected as a SaaS product, we’re also available to deploy single-instance, within your dedicated infrastructure. We manage your underlying big data file systems, databases and compute engines, so you don’t have to.

Why Ascend

Bypass big data roadblocks with an easy-to-use platform where data is democratized and projects finish 10x faster.

No big data expertise needed

Move from thousands of lines of code to simple drag and drop components.


Design a pipeline once, and it runs forever, continuously monitoring and repairing the underlying data.


Establish a canonical source of truth for the entire organization. Remove duplicative efforts.


With Declarative DAG, efficiently leverage your resources, optimizing cost vs. performance tradeoffs.


Granular access control, audit trails, single customer deployments, and encryption at rest and in motion.

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