Building & Maintaining Data Workflows at Scale is Challenging

Every company is striving to be data-first these days. However, most struggle to get there. Too much time is spent maintaining and monitoring multiple tools, code-bases, and the underlying infrastructure itself, which slows down the pace of innovation. It’s time the technologies catalyze your team, not hinder them.

Extensive Manual Efforts Required

Bulk of time spent managing infrastructure, scheduling and orchestrating jobs, monitoring and troubleshooting, and tuning performance.

Slow Iterations Downstream

Lengthy process of adjusting data sets or bringing in new sources, and difficulty ensuring integrity of data being used across the business.

More Data Pushing The Limits

More data silos, different types of data, and new environments are pushing the limits of existing tech and stretching data teams thin.

Augment Your Team with Ascend’s Autonomous Workflow Service

Live Workspace

Whether you prefer code or no code, you can come together to design complete workflows and publish trusted data services for use and reuse across the company to guarantee data integrity. As data changes, the services self-update so the most accurate data is always available.

Self-Learning Job Optimizer

End-to-end, this unique Optimizer keeps watch to continuously improve workflows. It understands data and usage lineage to not only intelligently partition and optimize pipelines upfront, but to also find new ways to optimize performance, reuse already-processed data, and maximize utilization.

Serverless Data Fabric

Invisible infrastructure automates, orchestrates, and elastically scales, so you get fast production workflows that just work every time. They run using the best-of-breed technologies underneath and can easily be ported to any cloud environment or integrate with existing systems.

Why Ascend

No Maintenance. No Troubleshooting.

Completely serverless for pipelines that just work, every time

Perpetually Improving & Optimizing.

Continuously monitors every workflow aspect to get smarter

Enable End-Users to Self-Serve Safely.

Create and publish live data services for use and reuse

Take Back Your Day.

Focus on new projects and working with new skills, not tickets

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