Ascend Use Case

Data Lake Ingestion

Ascend enables you to ingest data from anywhere into your data lake, and easily enrich, transform, and stage your data for downstream use cases and tools. Ascend simplifies the management of tiered storage by continuously syncing sources with your data pipelines, and allowing data teams to tap into the intermediate data sets between transformation steps. Ascend’s DataAware Intelligence tracks all data lineage and user activity to deliver end-to-end accessibility and governance controls.

Zero Maintenance

Data Ingest Pipelines. Ascend monitors your data sources and propagates any changes downstream.

Reduced Compute Cost

of running pipelines. Ascend automatically optimizes your data pipelines & infrastructure.

More Access to More People

Empower data science & analytics teams with direct access to pipeline optimized files.

How it Works

  • Choose from one of Ascend’s many prebuilt data connectors, or write your own and Ascend will run it for you
  • (Optionally) specify data transformations in SQL, Python, Java, or Scala
  • (Optionally) specify data destination(s) (similar to your data source)
  • Ascend automatically backfills all your data, coordinating your data transforms, and synchronizing the results with your data destinations
  • Ascend monitors your data sources for changes, watching for new data, modified data, and (yes, even) deleted data; when changes are detected, Ascend efficiently propagates those changes automatically

What to Expect

See how to ingest data into a data lake using the Ascend Data Automation Cloud