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Webinar | Intelligent Orchestration: The Key to Declarative Data Pipelines

by | Feb 11, 2020 | Tech Talks

Modern data pipelines run on some of today’s most advanced technologies, yet the process of building, scaling, and maintaining them is as challenging as ever. This is a familiar pattern found across the tech industry, as the innovation focus shifts from raw capabilities, to developer productivity and happiness.

At Ascend, we’re big believers in declarative engineering and sought to bring these same principles to data pipelines. In this webinar, we explore how applying the declarative approach to data pipelines results in 95% less code, 10x faster build times, automated maintenance, and more efficient pipelines… oh, and much happier data engineers.

Watch to learn:

  • The key questions that data engineers spend 90% of their time answering and codifying.
  • Existing orchestration tools and where they fall short
  • Compare & contrast imperative and declarative approaches to engineering.
  • The Intelligent Control Plane that makes declarative pipelines possible, and what makes it amazing.

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