Streamline your pipeline operations at scale

Free up more time for development with the industry's
first DataAware™ Automation Engine.

Ascend's Patented DataAware™ Automation Approach

The DataAware™ automation engine utilizes rich metadata and fingerprinting of both code and data assets to streamline every step of your journey, empowering teams to build, automate, observe, and optimize their data workflows in one place.

Build, Automate, Observe, And Optimize


Data Ingestion
Data Transformation
GIT Integration
Change Data Capture
Reverse ETL


Intelligent Orchestration
Metadata Driven Pipelines
Custom Behaviors
Complex Dependency Management


Real Time Alerting
Log Aggregation
Anomaly Detection
Early Warning Systems


Job Optimization
Pipeline Optimization

The Result?

A 700% increase in data engineering team productivity.

Yes, Really.

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