Strategic partnership to deliver significant enhancements in efficiency, security, and modernization with advanced AI technology solutions & services

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, May 7, 2024 – Wizeline, a leading AI-powered software engineering company, and, a pioneer in data pipeline automation, today announced a partnership that redefines the landscape of data management and utilization across several dynamic sectors, including media, retail, technology, finance, healthcare, and consumer goods. 

By combining their respective expertise, Wizeline and will deliver several industry-changing benefits, including cost optimization and efficiency, enhanced data security and accelerated digital and data transformation. 

“With the increasing complexity and scale of data operations, enterprises are seeking more holistic solutions that not only address immediate operational needs but also set a new standard for innovation and efficiency,” said Andres Angelani, CEO, Wizeline. “Our collaboration with is a game-changer, combining our AI-driven development capabilities with Ascend’s robust automation tools will deliver unparalleled value to our clients.”

The partnership enables to bring its cutting-edge automation platform that revolutionizes modern data engineering. This platform, combined with Wizeline’s deep AI expertise, provides a powerful foundation and offering for smarter, faster, and more secure data operations.

“ is excited to partner with Wizeline, bringing together our advanced data automation platform with their AI and machine learning expertise,” said Sean Knapp, CEO of “This partnership is poised to tackle some of the biggest challenges faced by data executives today, including cost optimization, risk management, and accelerating the adoption of new technologies.”


Key Partnership Benefits:

  • Cost Optimization and Efficiency: The collaboration is poised to reduce IT and data management costs significantly, including an up to 68% reduction in data stack spend and the ability to build data pipelines 7.5x faster. This partnership establishes a data efficiency center of excellence focused on AI & Automation tooling alongside best practices to ensure organizations maximize their data ROI.


  • Enhanced Data Security: With rising concerns over data breaches and compliance pressures, the combined expertise of Wizeline and will strengthen clients’ data security postures by quickly identifying and mitigating potential risks.


  • Accelerated Digital & Data Transformation: According to industry reports, a substantial number of teams report being over capacity, with many spending over 50% of their time just maintaining existing systems and with little time to truly modernize their data ecosystem. By integrating’s automation technologies with Wizeline’s AI expertise & development services, the partnership expedites the movement to modern data architectures, reducing the time to value for digital transformation initiatives.

New Partnership Capabilities:


The Wizeline and partnership will deliver several capabilities, including:

Advanced Diagnostic Tool for Cost-Saving and Architectural Improvements

One of the first solutions will be an advanced diagnostic tool tailored to analyze cloud warehouse and data cloud spending. This tool will identify cost-saving opportunities, uncover security vulnerabilities, and propose architectural improvements, leading to more informed decision-making.

“We are setting a new industry benchmark for what enterprises should expect from their data management solutions,” added Anibal Abarca, Wizeline CTO & Chief AI Officer. “This partnership embodies our commitment to leading the charge in creating smarter, safer, and more cost-effective digital ecosystems.”


Data Security Assessment & Audit

In response to increasing threats and the stringent requirements of data governance and compliance, the partnership introduces a dedicated Data Security Assessment & Audit. This innovative offering integrates’s automation capabilities with Wizeline’s AI-driven security technologies to provide a robust security framework.


Data Transformation and Legacy Migration Services

The combined expertise of Wizeline and will facilitate seamless data transformation and migration from legacy platforms, empowering organizations to transition from outdated systems to modern, agile architectures without the traditional time constraints or risks. This tooling & services package includes comprehensive mapping of existing data structures, automated data cleansing, and AI enhanced migration processes tailored to minimize timelines. 

By accelerating the transition to cutting-edge data platforms, the partnership ensures that enterprises can leverage the full potential of their data assets more quickly and efficiently.

ABOUT ASCEND.IO is the leading data automation platform that significantly simplifies the construction and maintenance of data pipelines, empowering businesses to achieve greater operational efficiency and data fidelity. It’s a single platform with intelligence to detect and propagate change across your ecosystem, ensure data accuracy and quantify the cost of your data products. Customers automate up to 90% of repetitive data engineering and reduce infrastructure costs with one place for end-to-end observability and automated lineage tracing. Ascend partners at every step of the data journey with product innovation and expert support that frees customers to focus on achieving goals. Learn more at or follow us @ascend_io.



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