Data-driven organizations are increasingly looking for ways to enable both centralized and distributed teams to build, share and collaborate on analytical data products. By pairing the simplicity of the MotherDuck platform with Ascend’s intelligent data pipeline automation, we’re offering a powerful, cutting-edge solution to these teams.

Ascend is thrilled to announce the availability of our newest feature: the ability to deliver data directly to the MotherDuck analytics platform! Get started with a free developer-tier Ascend Cloud environment and begin loading your data into MotherDuck today (docs)!

ascend and motherduck

Ascend recognized the capabilities of DuckDb early on and used it in its own platform. DuckDb powers Ascend’s advanced, user-friendly data pipeline observability features – a perfect example of an embedded analytics use case!

Simplify with Ascend

Complex data delivery tasks can slow down your analytics process. Ascend tackles this challenge by offering end-to-end, autonomous, intelligent data pipelines that can deliver data directly to MotherDuck, enabling a variety of analytics and data science use cases with ease, reliability, and efficiency.

Imagine you’re a member of an analytics team for an eCommerce company. You want to work with data from sources across your organization in MotherDuck. 

Diagram to show how to deliver data to MotherDuck with Ascend

Ascend’s platform is the first modern, cloud-based data pipeline automation tool capable of ingesting data from all major platforms and delivering it to MotherDuck (relational, NoSQL, event streams/queues, APIs and custom data sources).

Getting Started

All you need to establish a connection to MotherDuck in Ascend is the name of your MotherDuck database and your credential token!

How to establish a connection to MotherDuck in Ascend

Next, build out connections to your sources and pipelines that deliver data to MotherDuck.

In the example below, we connected to a MySQL database, Snowflake Data Warehouse and Google Cloud Storage (blob storage). You have tons of other options available in Ascend’s connection catalog!

Example of data pipeline in Ascend to deliver data to MotherDuck.

If you’re looking to replicate data from multiple sources to MotherDuck or quickly iterate while building data transformation logic using familiar SQL and Python languages, we’ve got you covered!

sql logo
python logo

Ascend’s intelligent MotherDuck Write Connector takes advantage of advanced, partition-aware logic to load data into databases in MotherDuck.

MotherDuck Write Connector in Ascend

Setting up Write Connectors to deliver data to MotherDuck is fast and easy!

Ascend Write Connector delivering data to MotherDuck
Ascend Write Connector delivering data to MotherDuck

If you’re a data engineer who prefers writing code, you can also build Custom Python Read Connectors or Python-based Transforms (e.g. PySpark or Snowflake’s Snowpark) to interact directly with the MotherDuck platform.

Once your data is loaded into MotherDuck, you’re ready to start crunching those numbers and producing value for your organization in record time, all with the peace of mind of automated, intelligent data pipelines.

Screenshot of Ascend platform with Custom Python Read Connector to interact directly with the MotherDuck platform.
Congratulations: You’ve Got Data!

The Sky Is the Limit

At Ascend, we chose a goat as our mascot because of their ability to climb mountains and ride rocket ships.  Now, we’re introducing ducks (who can fly) into the mix – who would’ve thought they’d make such a great pair. You too can be a MotherDucking Ascender, and become a data pipeline G.O.A.T (Greatest of All Time)!

We plan to expand support for MotherDuck based on your feedback and can’t wait to see what you create!

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