Have you been looking for an easy way to detect and correct problems in your data in real-time? 

If you’re like many other data practitioners, problems in your data are often detected way too late, either by your data quality solution that measures quality after your pipelines have run or by your downstream business users looking at reports or analytics in your live production systems. The pipeline has already run with production data, the cloud bill has run up, and your users are losing confidence. The fix will take an entire development cycle and run up more costs. 

Sounds like you need a new data quality solution, right?  Maybe not.

Apply Actionable Data Quality Directly in Your Data Pipelines

Turns out you don’t need a new tool to address this common scenario.  Ascend customers have powerful data quality features available directly on the platform today — you could be solving long-running data quality problems right now.  The beauty of the Ascend data quality features is that they are focused on action. Let’s look at them in detail. 

  1. Available in every ingest and transform operation
  2. Operate on the data as it is processing in real-time, not after the fact 
  3. Instantly flag specific problems and apply an action of your choice
  4. Take predetermined actions when problems are detected 
  5. Actions are seamlessly integrated into the platform

Fit Actionable Data Quality into your Data Integrity Strategy

You have probably noticed that Ascend’s features have little overlap with features of other solutions in the data integrity / data reliability / data quality space. Ascend does not compete with those solutions – instead, it provides the missing “last yard” to act on the data directly in your data pipelines. 

This “last yard” is crucial to the ROI of all your other investments: 

  1. Catch problems in the data the moment they appear 
  2. Stop wasting time and cloud costs on flawed data sets 
  3. Handle data errors in the data team, not the IT organization 
  4. Leverage the results of your other data quality investments 

Here are some ways that the Ascend features augment the broader data quality landscape:

We invite you to try these actionable data quality features to improve the integrity of your data and reduce the costs of running your Ascend-powered data pipelines. 

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