As Part of the Snowpark Accelerated Program, the Snowpark for Python Integration Extends End-to-end Automation for Multi-language Workloads With Access to the Rich Open Source Ecosystem on the Snowflake Data Cloud

MENLO PARK, Calif. – June 14, 2022 –, the leading Data Automation platform, today announced support for Snowflake Snowpark for Python on the Ascend Data Automation Cloud. The Snowpark developer framework continues to help data scientists, data engineers, and application developers streamline their data architectures on a single platform. Snowflake users can now further enhance these benefits with end-to-end automation provided by the Ascend Data Automation Cloud. Snowflake users can start enjoying these new capabilities for free with’s new Developer Tier at

“Snowpark dramatically expands the scope of what’s possible in the Data Cloud while maintaining the same security, governance, and performance benefits they’ve come to expect when working with Snowflake,” said Tarik Dwiek, Head of Technology Alliances at Snowflake. “By using the Ascend Data Automation Cloud, data teams can harness Snowpark for Python in the context of a fully integrated data automation platform that enhances collaboration across data teams and accelerates time to market.”

Python reigns as the top programming language according to the May 2022 PYPL and TIOBE indices, bolstered by the continued rise in popularity of data science and data engineering. As an increasing number of data engineering workloads are deployed on the Snowflake Data Cloud, the option to use Python in addition to SQL is crucial to boosting data team-wide productivity and tapping into a rich ecosystem of open-source packages. A recent survey of over 500 data professionals found that while there has been resistance to no-code and low-code solutions, 81% of respondents would be more inclined to use a no-code or low-code tool if it also offered the ability to use their preferred programming languages, highlighting a growing trend towards “flex-code” platforms. 

“The breadth of workloads we see users running on Snowflake continues to climb, and with it the demand for a greater number of developers to collaborate on the same data in their preferred language. Today, more than 35% of data transformations on the Ascend Data Automation Cloud are written using Python, and more than 90% of customers have at least some level of Python use,” said Sean Knapp, founder and CEO of “Providing developers with easy access to the tools and languages they need to be successful is of paramount importance, and Snowpark for Python perfectly aligns with’s flex-code philosophy.”’s newly added support for Snowpark for Python delivers:

  • A unified platform for all members of the data team to ingest, transform, orchestrate, and observe their analytics and data engineering workloads.
  • Increased security, governance, and observability by enabling multiple data teams to collaborate on data where it resides.
  • A native Python connector for data ingestion from custom data sources with just a few lines of code.
  • Access to extensive Snowflake-validated Anaconda Python open-source packages.
  • Unified automation connecting hybrid Python and SQL workloads.
  •’s Python SDK to programmatically build data pipelines on Snowflake.

To learn more about the Ascend Data Automation Cloud’s support for Snowpark, visit or visit at booth #2032 at the Snowflake Summit, June 13-16, 2022, in Las Vegas, NV.