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Build Smarter Data Pipelines

Data Orchestration with 95% Less Code

Build FASTER Data Pipelines

Increase Productivity by 7X with DataAware Intelligence​

See How Fast and Simple It Is To Build Your First Data Pipeline

Built to take smarter data pipelines all the way from development to production.


Ingest, join, and transform data using your choice of SQL, Python, Java or Scala and quickly write data out to your preferred data warehouse, data lake, or analytics tool.​


Quickly and easily integrate the Ascend Platform into your CICD processes with a Python SDK, or use the comprehensive UI to directly connect your data across varied sources and sinks.​


Whether you need one pipeline or 50 or have a couple of data feeds or a couple thousand, the Ascend Platform scales up or down to meet your business requirements.​


The Ascend Platform enables you to deliver the data pipelines that are the backbone of your data system without the traditional brittleness and complexity.​

"Ascend substantially simplified our data engineering efforts. Ramping up was easy, and processes that previously either took days or sometimes weren't possible at all, now happen in minutes."

Ankur Potdar
Principal Data Engineer, Drivewealth

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