Ascend: The Data Automation Cloud

The Data Automation Cloud

Ascend gives data teams a unified and automated platform to ingest, transform, and orchestrate their entire data engineering and analytics engineering workloads—10X faster than ever before.​

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"Ascend substantially simplified our data engineering efforts... Ramping up was easy, and processes that previously either took days or sometimes weren't possible at all, now happen in minutes."
Ankur Potdar
Principal Data Engineer
"Ascend is super intuitive and easy to use. In just a matter of weeks, we overcame a challenge that we’d been struggling with for over 9 months with a lot of folks involved."
William Knighting
Data Analyst
“The scale and power of Snowflake combined with the acceleration and automation of Ascend enable us to not only take on new data challenges and workloads but deliver results faster than ever before.
Laurent Bride
Chief Technology Officer

Smart Platform. Smarter Engineers.

Ascend helps gridlocked teams break through constraints to build, manage, and optimize the increasing number of data workloads required.

DataAware Orchestration

Backed by DataAware intelligence—Ascend works continuously in the background to guarantee data integrity and optimize data workloads, reducing time spent on maintenance by up to 90%.

Data Transformation

Build, iterate on, and run data transformations easily with Ascend’s multi-language flex-code interface enabling the use of SQL, Python, Java, and, Scala interchangeably.

Workload Observability

Quickly view data lineage, data profiles, job and user logs, system health, and other critical workload metrics at a glance.

Ascend for Data Engineers →

Learn how the Ascend Platform can help data (and software!) engineers optimize and accelerate data pipelines while eliminating unnecessary work.

Ascend for Data Analysts →

Learn how the Ascend Platform can help data analysts interact with any data, any where, while iterating ETLT at impossible speeds.

Ascend for Data Team Leaders →

Learn how the Ascend Platform help you transform your business with the scalable data engineering platform that meets business demands ​

Ingest Data From—
and Deliver To—
Any System, Anywhere

Ascend delivers native connections to a growing library of common data sources with our Flex-Code data connectors. And for anything else, all it takes is a small Python snippet to bring it into the Ascend systems.