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Scaling a Startup Is Already Hard.
We Make It Easier

Is your time to market at risk due to a custom data platform? Whatever stage of your startup, accelerate your trajectory with out-of-the-box intelligent data automation. Don’t let the complexity of data engineering get in the way of building your product and winning market share.

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Get ahead of the game by launching your data pipelines on Ascend.

Data Accelerator

Our guided 4 week accelerator gets your data pipelines from concept into production. Includes in-depth architecture sessions and co-development hours with Ascend engineers.

Free Credits

Ascend credits worth $10K give you 6-12 months runway. After that a 20% discount applies for 2 years, up to $20K per year. Data loading to Snowflake is always free.

Engineering Collaboration

Your team gets personalized technical engagement with Ascend engineers via Slack for the lifetime of your pipelines.

Discover Why Startups Rely on Us for End-to-End Data Pipeline Automation​

“What I just did in an hour would have taken me weeks… This is really cool.”
Francis Chan​
Director of Engineering
“This product is AMAZING. It's taken me 3 days to get through our biggest challenges with data compared to the more than 3 years we've been working on the problem and aren't even close with a home-grown solution.”
Paul DeSalvo
Business Intelligence Manager​
“Ascend substantially simplified our data engineering efforts."
Ankur Potdar​
Principal Data Engineer​

Why Startups Choose Ascend

We develop the most advanced technologies, deploy them in the most reliable and scalable configurations, and support them with the most relentless customer focus on the planet.

Ascend versus bespoke platforms

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