A Data-Driven World Awaits

Get to big data value faster by supercharging your existing teams and empowering the entire organization to ascend the data productivity pyramid, today.

Ascend Data Productivity


Data is powering products and services, as well as how the company operates.


Detect trends and key performance indicators. Forecast and proactively integrate these indicators across the business.


Derive insights from the data to make informed business decisions. 360-degree view of performance across the business.

Clean & Catalog

Ensure the data is consistent and accurate. Trusted data sets are leveraged across the company.


Centralized data lake or hub for stakeholders across the company to access.


Capture granular customer, product, and business data, both internal and external.

One Platform, Four Ways to Get Started

1. Ascend Connect

Connect user and event data across multiple clouds and file formats

Impact: 1-2 years of custom development effort reduced to 3 months

2. Ascend Catalog

Create and publish up-to-date sources of truth with complete data lineage

Impact: Months of documentation reduced to minutes

3. Ascend Explore

Simple SQL based interface for everyone to self-serve canonical data

Impact: 2-3 weeks waiting for data sets reduced to <5 minutes

4. Ascend Automate

Build fully automated data products without big data expertise

Impact: 80% time spent massaging data reduced to <10% time

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