Accelerate Your Snowflake Migration

Whether you’re moving to the cloud or between clouds, Ascend allows you to quickly build data pipelines to integrate and migrate data from any sources to any destinations with 95% less code and zero maintenance.

Talk to an Ascend Data Engineer today about:

⭐️ How to quickly integrate all your data

⭐️ How to transform your data with a few lines of code

⭐️ How to seamlessly migrate your data to Snowflake

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Start Your Snowflake Migration Today

Rapidly build big data pipelines that integrate data from any source. Clean, normalize, and refine your data in a few lines of code. Feed your data output to Snowflake for ML and BI use cases downstream.

95% Less Code

Leverage declarative data engineering to describe your desired inputs, transformations, and outputs in a few lines of SQL, Python, PySpark, and/or YAML.

10x Faster Development

Prototype and develop with the same data as if in production, commit changes, and automatically stage, test, and release in minutes — with no reprocessing costs!

Zero Maintenance

Ascend will continuously monitor for any changes in the data, ensure your pipelines are optimized and up-to-date, and keep you from getting paged at 3am.

“With Ascend, more people can build sophisticated pipelines to an extent I’d never have believed was possible.”

Miguel Alvarado


“To get a new data source in or update an existing one has gone from 1-2 days worth of work, down to less than an hour.”

Sheel Choksi

Senior Director of Operations

“I don’t need to worry about data coming through the pipeline any more. New data will show up and get pushed where it needs to go.”

Francis Chan

Senior Software Engineer

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