Ascend Serverless

Data Engineering without the hassle.

Unified Data Engineering



per vCPU hour



Fully managed
(Ascend Spark and cloud
infrastructure costs included)

Billed monthly based on usage

Ingest Anything. Connect to any data lake, warehouse, database, stream, or API with little to no code.

Build Faster. Create autonomous data pipelines with 95% less code. Write in Python, SQL, and YAML interchangeably.

Run Autonomously. Optimize data pipelines and infrastructure with dynamic resourcing, intelligent persistence, and advanced de-duplication.

Integrate Everywhere. Connect data pipelines with notebooks and big data tools to any stage of the data lifecycle.

Govern Automatically. Track code, data, and users with a suite of granular tracking, reporting, and security capabilities.



The Ascend Unified Data Engineering Platform comes standard with all the following features.
No special bundles, tiers, or packages required.

Ascend Ingest

  • Prebuilt & Custom Connectors
  • Automated Change Detection
  • Automated Data Profiling
  • Automated Data Reformating

Ascend Build

  • Declarative Data Pipielines
  • Interactive Pipeline Builder
  • Queryable Pipelines
  • Git & CICD Integration

Ascend Integrate

  • Notebook Connectors
  • BI Integration via JDBC
  • Structured Data Lake
  • Records API & SDKs

Ascend Run

  • Intelligent Persistence
  • Data & Job Deduplication
  • Dynamic Partitioning
  • Automated Backfill
  • Automated Spark Management

Ascend Govern

  • Automated Cataloging
  • Data Lineage Tracking
  • Resource Costing & Reporting
  • Activity Monitoring & Reporting
  • Secure Data Feeds
  • Data Garbage Collection

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