Load All Your Data Into Snowflake for Free

Eliminate the cost of loading and syncing data from all your sources into Snowflake—and focus on accelerating value for your business.

Why Make Data Ingestion Free?

There is too much friction in the least valuable step of the value creation chain.

Focus on Value

We believe that you should only incur costs when you are transforming your data into valuable data products. Data ingestion is a minor step in this process.

Increase Productivity

Data ingestion is a bottleneck in creating and iterating on data products. We remove this barrier so your team can move faster and get more done.

We remove data ingestion costs and make loading data into Snowflake
fast, easy, and free so you can focus on meaningful transformations and faster delivery. 

Why Our Customers Love Ascend Data Ingest

Ascend automatically detects, validates, and formats data from any source into Snowflake with a large library of configuration-based connectors supporting all major CDC strategies.

Raise Data Engineering Productivity

Eliminate tool seams between data ingestion and ETL transformation that require time-consuming coordination, orchestration, and DevOps processes to keep running.


“The Ascend Platform is a phenomenal application for data engineering in companies like Be Power, which benefits from an end-to-end platform like Ascend instead of investing in custom open source solutions that take massive amounts of time and effort to build and operate. I’ve searched for something like Ascend for a long time.” 

Paolo Esposto

Chief Data Officer, Be Power

Ingestion steps flow seamlessly into transformation steps in Ascend.

Screenshot of custom python connector

Program your own Python connectors in Ascend’s framework.

Easily Tap Hard-to-Reach Data

Ascend has a fully-hosted python and spark run time to enable fast and easy development of custom connectors.


The Ascend custom Python connector combines the best of Python with the scalability of the Ascend platform. With a few lines of Python code, we can connect to virtually any data source, and Ascend takes care of the rest. Ascend has completely streamlined how we ingest data.”

Paul DeSalvo

Data Engineering Manager, Brazen

Fully Supported

Data Ingest is one of many seamless capabilities of our Data Automation Cloud. As a user, you get full support no matter which capabilities you use.


“With Ascend, the tech just worked and the people just worked. The relationship with Ascend is fantastic, which makes our lives so much easier.” 

Ariscielle Novicio

SVP & Head of Technology, New York Post

fully supported3

Get Ascend support anytime, anywhere.

Ascend scans and validates source schemas automatically.

Automated Schema Inference

Ascend automatically scans source schemas regardless of storage type, and detects schema drift with every data set ingestion.

“Ascend’s relentless focus on user productivity has reduced the time from discovery to loading of data to minutes instead of hours or days.” 

Sheel Choksi

Software Engineer at Mayvenn

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