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The Data Automation Summit

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About the Data Automation Summit

With 95% of data teams either at or over capacity, data automation technologies are quickly moving to the forefront of empowering data engineering and analytics engineers to take control of their data. In fact, a 2022 survey found data data automation adoption is slated to skyrocket from 3.5% to 85.5% in the next 12 months. The Data Automation Summit is a free, virtual event that brings together data and analytics engineering leaders and practitioners to discuss the data automation challenges, case studies, best practices, and more that are pushing their data teams—and businesses—forward
2022 Data Automation Summit Opening Keynote April 13, 2022
Data Orchestration April 13, 2022

Speed to Data Insights: the HNI Approach

How Automation Accelerates Data Workloads for User Consumption

Automation and Society April 13, 2022

What Your Phone Data Can Say About Your Mental Health

Developer Experience and the Modern Data Stack

Analytics and Machine Learning April 13, 2022

Data Automation: The Backbone of Real-time Machine Learning

Automating Batch + Streaming Analytics with Ascend and Imply

Day Two Opening Technical Keynote April 14, 2022

The Future of Data Automation with Ascend.io

Data Observability April 14, 2022

How to Eliminate Data Downtime and Start Trusting Your Data

Asking the Right Questions: Supporting Explainable, Question-Driven Profiling for Data

Automation at Amazon Web Services April 14, 2022

Automation in Amazon Redshift Serverless

Automating Data Pipelines Across AWS Services

Data Architectures April 14, 2022

Automation and the Money Value of Time

Data Automation for the Lean Startup

Deal with Real Datasets: How to Treat Data Assets to Create Business Value

The People and Processes of Automation April 14, 2022

Data at Scale 2.5 PB, 60B Rows: Tagging, Analyzing, Delivering

How to Maximize the Impact of Your Data Automation Initiatives

Three Eras of Data Engineering at Fivestars

Closing Keynote April 14, 2022

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