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Building Your Data Mesh with dbt Core and Ascend

March 6, 2024 | 3pm PT
March 7, 2024 | 10am EAST

Discover how to construct a robust data mesh with dbt Core and Ascend. Whether you're a current dbt Core user or exploring new data architecture solutions, this webinar promises to deliver more than a theoretical discussion. We’re giving you a step-by-step road map to data mesh success.

Register and attend the session for a chance to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card.

100 Amazon Gift Card

Register and attend the session for a chance to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card.​

About the Webinar

Join us as we delve into the practicalities of building a data mesh using Ascend’s data pipeline automation platform and dbt Core. By leveraging the familiar dbt Core methodology, companies can maintain their current workflow while automating the deployment of their data mesh into production. This strategy simplifies the transition to a data mesh architecture, ensuring scalability and efficiency without the hefty price tag of commercial solutions.

Learn how to simplify the implementation of data mesh, making it accessible and practical for your organization.

Webinar Details

In this session, we will discuss:

  • Integrating automation with dbt Core: Dive into the technicalities of how Ascend complements and enhances the dbt Core framework, making your data mesh deployment more efficient and scalable.

  • Navigating the Transition to Data Mesh: Explore strategies and best practices for seamlessly transitioning your current data systems to a robust data mesh setup, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum benefit.

  • Demonstrations of Data Mesh in Action: Experience live examples showcasing the powerful combination of Ascend and dbt Core in building a data mesh, highlighting ease of use, and operational efficiency.

Register and attend the session for a chance to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card.

About the Host

Mike Hyatt

Solutions Engineer @ Ascend.io

Michael Hyatt is a seasoned Solutions Architect with a comprehensive skill set in technology areas like cloud computing, APIs, integration, and big data. He has demonstrated expertise in customer engagement, project delivery, and technological innovation across various industries.


Michael stands out for his detail-oriented, professional approach and excellent interpersonal skills. His career is marked by significant roles in supporting business growth, technical leadership, and active participation in community outreach, with key skills in Big Data, cloud, Analytics, and Solution Architecture.

Michael Hyatt

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