Automate Your Lakehouse

Seamlessly Ingest, Transform, and Orchestrate Databricks Workloads

Databricks Lakehouse and the Ascend Data Pipeline Automation Platform together empower analytics and data engineers to deliver data products far faster than existing approaches.

Data automation is quickly moving to the top of the modern data stack. Recent research found that while only 3.5% of teams currently use data automation technologies, that number will rise rapidly, to 88.5% over the next 12 months.  The time to evaluate intelligent data pipelines for your business is now.

Experience yourself how Ascend for Databricks automates the building and running of intelligent data pipelines with a FREE, guided Proof of Value (POV), including white glove support from Ascend. Upon completion, participants will receive $10,000 credit toward their Ascend purchase. 

Steps to the POV:

  1. Complete the form to the right to sign up for your POV.
  2. A dedicated Ascend Databricks expert will guide you through an orientation on the platform and how to define your POV
  3. Build your first intelligent pipeline in an online session with Ascend’s Field Data Engineering Team!
  4. Check in weekly with your assigned Ascend Databricks expert to resolve your questions as you develop your POV.
  5. Finalize your POV evaluation with your Ascend Databricks expert and discuss next steps.

We are looking forward to helping you with your POV of how the Ascend’s Data Pipeline Automation Platform can deliver intelligent data pipelines for your business. Fill out the form today!

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