The Data Pipeline
Automation Tour

A Global, Hands-on Lab Series

Chicago | AWS – AT&T Center, 227 W Monroe St | March 14, 2023

Build Intelligent Data Pipelines in Chicago

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The Data Pipeline Automation tour brings intelligent data pipelines to Chicago! We’ll spend the afternoon discussing key trends in data engineering automation, participating in a hands-on lab, and networking with fellow data practitioners over happy hour.

Whether you’re a developer, an analytics engineer, or a data executive, join us to learn about how to manage all the data pipeline needs in one place, detect and propagate change across your ecosystem, and ensure data accuracy.

  • Location: Chicago
  • Venue: AWS – AT&T Center, 227 W Monroe St. (Google Maps
  • Date: March 14, 2023
  • Time: 3:00 pm — 6:00 pm

Save your seat and explore how you can use automation like never before!

Why Attend the Data Pipeline Automation Tour


Depending on the location, join our CEO, Sean Knapp, Field CTO, Jon Osborn, customers, or partners, including Snowflake, and DoIt, to hear about the trends in data engineering, the latest capabilities and newest use cases, and the opportunities to drive greater impact with automation.


Participate in our hands-on lab to build your first intelligent data pipeline. Gain access to 1:1 time with Ascend experts who will be able to answer your most basic or advanced questions. You’ll only need your laptop and a free Ascend account. Don’t worry, you can sign up on the spot!


Meet, grab a drink, and connect with fellow data practitioners and leaders. Find out how others are building their data pipelines, what benefits and challenges are they experiencing, and bounce ideas off of each other to accelerate the delivery of data products.

What Can You Expect

Discover the details for the agenda.

Program Agenda

 3:00 – Doors open, refreshments served

 3:15 – Keynote from Jon Osborn 
            What is a Data Mesh & how do you build one?

 3:45 – Hands-on Lab
            Build your own intelligent data pipelines with Ascend on Snowflake

 4:30 – Happy Hour